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Statement of Purpose

April 3rd, 2014

The domain and the server it is assigned to (IP have recently been acquired for the exclusive use of TrueQuest Communications LLC, with the sole purpose of improving the delivery of solicited material via email to both paying and non-paying subscribers. The contact lists are 100% double opt-in.

The administrators of are determined to build up a good reputation for this domain, and are ready to take whatever steps are necessary to further that end. It is of the utmost importance that TrueQuest Communications' paying subscribers not be prevented from receiving the material they have paid for.

Please contact if you know of any measures to further that goal that we may have overlooked.

TrueQuest Communications is a highly respected, award-winning Catholic publishing company that has been in business for over 12 years. Their sites, services, and published material may be reviewed at the following addresses:

The material provided is of a religious and spiritual nature, and serves as a source of inspiration and insight for Catholic pastors, religious education teachers, those considering a vocation to religious life, and Catholics seeking to deepen their understanding of church teachings.

The domain is not used to send unsolicited material, and as such should not be categorized as a source of spam nor in any way considered a risk.

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